June 18, 2024

Brazil surpasses the United States in the percentage of vaccines with the first dose, but the number of those fully vaccinated is still low; Understand why | Corona virus

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Brazil surpasses the United States in the percentage of vaccines with the first dose, but the number of those fully vaccinated is still low;  Understand why |  Corona virus

Brazil on Wednesday (1) surpassed the United States in the percentage of people vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one dose. Overall, according to the Press Vehicles Association, 61.96% of Brazilians are moderately immunocompromised. Among North Americans, the total is 60.96%, according to “Data Our World” data linked to the University of Oxford.

However, only 29.79% of Brazilians have received the full vaccine, with a second dose of the Coronavac, Astrogeneca and Pfizer vaccines, or a single dose of Johnson’s.

In the United States, almost everyone who has been vaccinated has completed the vaccination schedule. Percentage 51.77%.

Asked the experts G1 Suggests that the imbalance between the first and second levels in Brazil occurs for a number of reasonsLack of campaigns and active search for second dose, lack of vaccinations and uncertainty in planning, delay in recording vaccine data, 3 months delay between astrogenogen and pfizer levels and different vaccine speeds.

Experts warn that the first dose of the vaccine already has anti-viral effects, but it is still not enough to combat the spread and mild events. Therefore, the controls should not be completely relaxed and care should be taken.

Different vaccination speeds

The vaccine initially progressed rapidly in the North American country, but has stagnated in recent weeks. Causes include age issues, political divisions, and a lack of firm approval for vaccines by health officials.

“At the beginning of the vaccine, the demand for the vaccine was greater than the supply and the number of doses available slowed the pace of the vaccine. Now, the supply is higher than the demand and the majority of those who qualify do not want to be vaccinated,” said William Moss of the Department of Epidemiology at the Bloomberg Public Health School at Johns Hopkins University.

“The reasons why people choose not to be vaccinated are complex and many, but also include misunderstandings about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

“Convincing non-vaccinated people to get vaccinated is a huge challenge,” said Johns Hopkins, director of the International Center for Vaccine Access (JHU / IVAC).

“Offers like cash, free food and beer, chances of winning the lottery and scholarships. In some places, there are restrictions on what non-vaccinated people can do, as well as being vaccinated by employers. After the full approval of the Govt-19 vaccine. ”

One of the explanations for the contradictions for other countries is the acceptance gap for vaccines – Photo: Breeding / TV Anhangura

Epidemiologist Denise Garrett, vice president of the institute Sabine de Vacinas, says the vaccine has different characteristics in Brazil and the United States. Although the Brazilian program suffered from a lack of program levels and national coordination, it faced difficulties from American vaccine resistance groups.

“In terms of difference, I think the biggest hurdle in Brazil is the amount of vaccines not being purchased in a timely manner. Of course, strategy, organization of guidance, and coordination at the national level,” he says, having worked for the North American CDC for more than 20 years.

“All the campaigns in Brazil have been very successful. This time there is no coordination. I think this is also a major reason for the huge delay in the start of Brazil.

Denise Garrett, who has worked for the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for more than 20 years, criticizes the federal government – Photo: Press Release / BBC

“The situation in the United States here is very different, because what is not there in Brazil is here, and fortunately, it is a very strong anti-vaccine group. It is one of the strongest in the world, and it is very clear.

According to Denise Garrett, the pace of vaccination is on the rise again in the United States. With people’s fears about delta variation and the numbers showing that the unvaccinated are the majority between hospitalized and dead – Infection of those who have not been vaccinated.

“Vaccination is on the rise again. It (the variant) has a lot to do with delta and non-vaccinated infections. People want to escape this unvaccinated infection.”

He says that number is increasing with the full approval of the Fizer vaccine by the US regulatory agency FDA.

Private businesses And government agencies implement compulsory vaccinations. Until then, they feared they would be tried in court because permission was urgent. It is legally a gray area. Now, the The Armed Forces are on duty, State Governments And municipality, schools. ”

In the video below, microbiologist Adela Imarino explains the importance of the second dose of the vaccine against the corona virus, beginning in March 2021.

Why 2 Dose Covid Vaccine Is Needed;  Understand

Why 2 Dose Covid Vaccine Is Needed; Understand

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