June 18, 2024

Brazilian artists return to tour the United States

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Brazilian artists return to tour the United States

The live music industry, one of the most affected sectors by the Covid-19 epidemic, is re-emerging, little by little, in Brazil and around the world. According to a poll by Pollstar, the music events market lost $ 30 billion by 2020, the impact of which is not expected to be offset by 2021. According to a recent report released by the PWC Audit Company. Due to the restrictions related to the corona virus, the planned growth of this sector was previously estimated at 3.33% by 2023 and revised to 1.4% by 2024.

Photo: Eduardo Orelha / Dino

Despite the cautious return, the big names in national music are already celebrating the arrival of the tour, not in Brazil, but in the United States. With improved vaccination against Covit-19 and the flexibility to perform live events, the entertainment industry in the US region has become an alternative to Brazilian artists suffering from delays in fighting the epidemic in Brazil.

Production company Brazilian Nights, which has been touring Brazilian artists to the U.S. West Coast for thirty years, opened the second half of the year with a performance by samba dancer George Arago in Long Beach, California. “Organizing tours now is more complicated, so we’re starting slowly, but we’re already working at full strength on next year’s schedule,” says producer Patricia Leno.

Beginning in August, singer Gustavo Lima is making his first international tour since the onset of the epidemic. The marathon “O Ambassador Tour USA 2021” covers Orlando and Miami (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia), Newark (New Jersey) and Boston – the capital of Massachusetts, where the artist commands the already installed version of Pudeco. Brazil. “I am sure they will be fantastic performances,” says the singer, who has been performing annually in the US since 2012.

In addition to musicians, professionals associated with the live music industry are also celebrating their return to tour abroad. “There is a huge organization behind every show, during epidemics, many stage professionals had their hands tied,” comments Rio photographer Eduardo Orelha. In early 2020, he moved to California with the intention of pursuing Brazilian artists. “When it came to locking, I had to change my focus,” he says. Orelha later began creating content for companies such as Ibanes and Petronics in the music business, and for artists during the recording phase. “I used this time to record the creative process of guitarist Larry Pasalio, such as the band Sao Paulo and the Rio de Janeiro band Melin in Los Angeles, but I did not give up the intention of recording a trip to Brazil. And Lulu Santos, says the photographer who collects the works.

Later this year, more artists from Brazil are expected to tour the Northern Hemisphere. In September, the Fore event Ra Chaya Rodata will perform in six US cities. Between October 15 and 24, the Israeli and Rodolfo duo announced “Cherry Lipstick” tours in Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Connecticut, Orlando and Newark. In November, Wesley Safato’s time to perform in five American cities. Safato, who recorded the DVD in 2017, says, “It’s no news to anyone how respectful and happy I am to be acting abroad. It’s really a great privilege to represent our culture and take a little ‘home’ from Brazilians living abroad.” Reached work.



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