September 29, 2023

Brooklyn Nets’ James Horton returns for Game 5 and Milwaukee Bucks

New York – Brooklyn Nets star James Horton The Eastern Conference will play in Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the semifinals. The decision was made after examining his right femur in court Tuesday night in front of the depot at Barclays Center.

This is the first time Horton has played in a game since June 5, when he suffered a femoral injury in the first minute of Series 1. Since then, he has been handling what the team calls thigh tightness.

“I don’t know what the risk level is,” head coach Steve Nash said before the game. “I think it’s James’ decision. He wants to play. In the end, he wants to play. He pushes.”

On Tuesday morning Hart took part in the Nets’ shootout with the improvement of his femur, and this undoubtedly prompted the team to raise his position to questionable for Game 5, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wozniacki.

The Nets tied with the Bucks 2-2 and are preparing to be without defense Kyrie Irving (Right ankle sprain) for the remainder of the series, sources said. The Irving team has not officially ruled out Game 5.

Nash said Sunday that the team will try to approach the injuries as isolated incidents and that Irving ‘ankle sprain should not let Horton return to the ground until his femur is fully healed.

However, Nash acknowledged on Monday that Irving’s injury was a “motivating factor” in Horton’s return.

“He wants to play,” Nash said. “He wants to win a championship. He loves the playoffs and the ability to play at this time of year. So, I think it was very difficult for him to care how much he cared, how much time he spent, how much effort he put in. To get to this point.”

Irving was injured in the second quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Milwaukee Giannis Antetoga ounpoCall after a layout is complete Jur holiday. The antidote ounbo paint failed in an attempt to help Holiday, who was the primary defender.

Irving was on the ground for several minutes as Nash and the team’s athletic coaches attended to him. Eventually, Irving walked into the locker room without help, but remained active. He left the stage at the start of the walk and on crutches. An MRI on Monday confirmed Irving’s ankle sprain.

The Nets have struggled with injuries all season. Horton, Irving and the big three Kevin Torrent He played just eight games in the regular season and six games in the playoffs – including Horton’s injury just 43 seconds later. Horton missed 18 games with a hamstring injury in the regular season, before which he missed two with a hamstring strain.

When it got hot on Tuesday, Horton moved well with the shot, cutting movements and throwing passes. Jeff Green. Horton stretched the protective kinesiology tape over his right femur.

Nash said of Horton, “Help him figure this out, but it’s a tricky situation – but we’re ready to go down with James. He was incredible to us this year, and we want to support him.”