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Casemiro will broadcast the Club World Cup in which Flamengo and Real Madrid will be held – 01/13/2023

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Casemiro will broadcast the Club World Cup in which Flamengo and Real Madrid will be held – 01/13/2023
Casemiro will broadcast the Club World Cup in which Flamengo and Real Madrid will be held – 01/13/2023

streamer Casemiro Miguel Matches will be broadcast clubs World Cup Through CazéTV, her YouTube channel. The tournament will be held from February 1-11 in Morocco. This is the second FIFA event that Casemiro has broadcasted – at the end of 2022 he has broadcasted 22 Qatar Cup matches, including all national team matches, the semi-finals and the final.

It broke the record for the number of devices simultaneously connected to a live YouTube broadcast during the Brazil-Croatia World Cup match, which was watched by 6.9 million users in real time.

the Flamingoa hero editorsit’s the Real MadridThe winner of the UEFA Champions League will participate in the competition. This edition is equivalent to 2022, but has been pushed back to the beginning of 2023 due to an investigation Qatar Cup between November and December. And the Brazilians on February 7, already in the semi-finals, will play against the winners from Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) and Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia). On February 8, Real Madrid will play with whoever beats Seattle Sounders (USA), Al-Ahly (Egypt) or Auckland City (New Zealand).

Casemiro will have seven matches in the event and should repeat the irreverent formula that, according to the column, delighted FIFA during the World Cup. In the coming days, other platforms that will have the rights will be announced, including the winner of the Open TV competition.

Four open broadcasters have received the documentation to participate in the contest: Globo, SBT, Band, as the column predicted, and RecordAs explained by journalist Alan Simon in his column on UOL Esporte. The 2021 edition, which took place in February 2022 and which was Palmeiras (runner-up) was broadcast by Bandeirantes, which won in a dispute with Globo. It was the first time that the competition in this format, with the participation of a Brazilian, was not shown on Globo – FIFA has been organizing the seven-club World Cup since 2005.

FIFA is also negotiating, through its Brazilian partner Livemode, the sale of the paid package, which includes cable and live broadcasts and goes beyond the agreement with Casimiro, and is free to transmit.

Globo has a contract with FIFA for a range of events until 2022, which highlighted the World Cup in Qatar, less exposed competitions such as the Futsal Cup, Beach Soccer Cup and youth tournaments (U-20 and U-17). The 2023 Women’s World Cup, which will take place between July and August in Australia and New Zealand, will be broadcast by Radio Rio de Janeiro, but has been negotiated separately.

The 2022 World Cup will maintain the format of recent years, with the participation of seven participants – FIFA promises an expanded tournament that will include 32 clubs from 2025. The number will be reduced to 26, as is the case in the World Cup in Qatar.

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