February 28, 2024
CBF speaks after Titi's son likes to post anti-gay content written by Mauricio Souza

CBF speaks after Titi’s son likes to post anti-gay content written by Mauricio Souza

The Brazilian Football Confederation spoke after the technical assistant of Brazilian national team Matthews Bache, son of coach Titi, loves Posting homophobic content by volleyball player Mauricio Sousa. The organization was quoted by ‘O Globo’ newspaper as saying that it had spoken with Bacchi about the situation and said he was wrong when interacting with the post because he “does not share that opinion”.

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– [A CBF] He became aware of the facts and spoke directly with the aforementioned official, who admitted his mistake by “liking” the post, because he does not share this opinion – the entity explained.

The Federation reinforces its commitment to football without any bias or discrimination. Through the ‘Todos Iguais’ campaign, which has been around for nearly a decade, it advocates a solidarity sport that integrates all colours, origins, beliefs, genders or physical conditions, using its competitions and the activities of the Brazilian national team as a platform for dissemination – he added.

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After the announcement, the technical assistant of Brazilian national team He withdrew his likes from the post and stopped following the Central on social media.

Matthews Bacchi - Son of Titi

Matthews Bacchi (right) assistant coach of the Brazilian national team and son of coach Tite (Photo: Instagram / Lucas Figueiredo)

Understand the issue

NS Volleyball player Mauricio Sousa has been expelled from Fiat / Minas Teneslast Wednesday after Comment deemed as anti-gay content club. Mauricio, on October 12, criticized the fact that the new Superman is bisexual.

– It’s just a drawing, it’s not a big deal. Here you will see where we end – our central books in their social networks.

Since then, names from sports and from other fields have announced their disapproval or support for Mauricio Sousa, who is also He lost his place in the Brazilian volleyball team because of its location.