November 27, 2022
Cellulari's wife talked about her relationship with Claudia Raya and was shocked

Cellulari’s wife talked about her relationship with Claudia Raya and was shocked

Edson Celulari’s current wife has spoken out about her relationship with Claudia Raia once and for all

After announcing last week that she was pregnant with a baby boy, with her current husband, Jarbas Homem de Mello, the name of the actress Claudia Raya Do not leave the spotlight. For those who don’t know, the muse is already the mother of two more children, Enzo and Sophia, the fruits of her relationship with the actor. Edson Cellular. It is worth noting that, like the previous ones, Celulari also made a waiting list and married Karin Roepke.

Recently, Karen, the current wife of Cellulari, interacted with fans online, as usual and Opened many people’s doubt. The muse answered some curiosity about her intimate life, revealed to Brazil what her relationship with ex-husband Claudia Raya was and talked about what no one could have imagined.

“I find it very funny that you are curious about my relationship with Claudia. I am curious to know what you imagine. Thank God everything has always been fine, without any stress or struggle. We treat each other with respect and attention. We don’t meet often because of life circumstances,” she said.

Actor Edson Celulari alongside his wife Karin Roepke – Photo: clone.

Tore the praise of the future mother

On this occasion, Karen Rubik paid tribute to Claudia Raya. “She is really a fun, kind person and a very nice person. A wonderful mother and an artist. I just want to thank you, because I know a lot of people have struggles with their husbands ex-wife. This is not our case. Here, a lot of peace and love!”, Edson Cellulari’s wife noted .

It is worth noting that Karen Robicki and Chillulari married in 2017, in a very secret ceremony in Tuscany, Italy.

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