June 6, 2023
Chevrolet Bolt will be used as an autonomous taxi in the United States |  Electric vehicles

Chevrolet Bolt will be used as an autonomous taxi in the United States | Electric vehicles


Cruise is a driverless transportation service supported by GM in the United States.

GM is a partner in the Public Utilities Commission of California, San Francisco (USA), which guarantees driverless taxi rides in the city of Cruise.

This is not the first time a transportation service Autonomous vehicles
Accredited to operate in the United States. Current Waymo 2020 in China has been operating in the United States since, but in Chandler, a suburb of Arizona.

Although there is no official start date for the service, Cruise will operate on the 30th Chevrolet Bolt
Through San Francisco (USA), the goal is to “provide a magical and secure service to customers.”

Currently, this service is available for free to registered users Stage tests
, But will be priced gradually. The company’s CEO, Kyle Vogt, also uses the self – driving taxi services provided by Cruise.

The company says that everyone living in San Francisco (USA) can register on the site and enjoy the experience. Driverless taxis
And encourages users to publish their posts and suggestions on how to improve the service.

According to Ship
Riders will be charged for justifying the position of the company as a “commercial ride-healing service” and consider the recognition of operating for the purpose of “improving life in cities” to be good news for the autonomous automotive industry.

Oh Chevrolet Bolt
It is a 100% electric vehicle manufactured by GM since 2016 and has a range of 417 km, a 66 kWh battery pack and a 200 hp electric motor that drives the front wheels and 36 kgfm of torque.

Last year was memorable Chevrolet
Performed by one Withdrawal of 80,000 bolt units
After a series of fire accidents with the vehicle.

After the incidents, the manufacturer began to recommend that the owners not leave Battery condition
Models that are 35% or more 90% and do not replace the battery pack should not be parked near other vehicles.

In the United States, GM lowered prices Chevrolet Bolt
And now the cheapest electric vehicle on the market in the country, it starts at a direct conversion from US $ 26,595 or R $ 134,000.