June 23, 2024

China plans to use lunar soil to build bases on the moon

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China plans to use lunar soil to build bases on the moon

The newspaper reported that China plans to build a base on the moon within five years. South China Morning Post. The government made the announcement on Saturday 8, during the Extraterrestrial Building Conference, in Wuhan.

More than 100 Chinese scientists, researchers and aerospace engineers attended the event. According to Ding Lieyun, an expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a robot called Chinese Super Masons should be used to make bricks from moon soil. “Building a habitat on the moon is necessary for long-term lunar exploration, and this will certainly be done in the future,” Leyon said, stressing the difficulty of achieving this in the short term, in an interview with the newspaper. Changjiang DailyDing Liyun

The robot will be responsible for building China’s base on the moon

Lieyun said that the robot will be responsible for making the “lunar soil brick” and should be launched during the Chinese mission Chang’e-8, around 2028. He also said that the country intends to recover the first sample of lunar soil on the other side of the planet. This should happen in 2025.

She said China had already recovered soil samples from the near side of the moon on the Chang’e-5 mission in 2020. Changjiang Daily. The country’s government announced its desire for its astronauts to stay on the natural moon for extended periods, in order to establish a lunar research station.

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