February 27, 2024
Retrato Claudia Raia

Claudia Raya recalls an unusual story: ‘I pretended to faint in the motel’

Last Monday 27th September Claudia Raya He gave an interview to “Rock a 3” on Kiss FM Radio. The actress said that she had a foot fetish and recalled an unusual story from her youth.

“Fake fainting already in the hotel. I like to fix my feet, but I scored a goal with the villain on the beach and he didn’t go. We meet only at night. When he took off his shoes in the hotel…there was no way, there was no way. I made a scene, and said I’m feeling sick. I asked him to take me home. She said, “I’ve never gone out with a villain again.

The artist was also keen to emphasize that she does not like dirty feet. “You have to take care of your feet. The feet have no plastic. So you have to be careful. She said, quoting her husband, that Gerbils are very beautiful feet.” Jarbas Homem de Mello.

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Also in the interview, Claudia Raya commented on self-esteem and said that she finds a woman more interesting than beauty.

“I became an interesting woman. I tell my friends I’m very mobile, legs and hair game. I was a very weird kid and an even weirder teen. I had no idea what my size was, I quit everything. I was a weird personality. I found out I had to develop speech power because I didn’t Beautiful. I had a very beautiful girlfriend, but she was not funny. I found myself in communication, he was charismatic, ”he said.


The 54-year-old even criticized our society’s sexual view that women after the age of 50 are already finished and can no longer work.

“I was raised by three absolutely feminist women, my mother, my sister and my grandmother. I was always in the habit of responding to everything that happened in my life. By the age of 43, I started noticing a strange movement, there was no more paper… What do you mean? Now that I’m in my class The second? Everyone who attends the theater knows that a second or second act is more exciting than the first. In the most beautiful moment of my life, did I become forgotten and fall into oblivion? Like him? Will they save me when I am eighty, like a cute grandmother?”

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I want to be a mother again

Claudia Raya is already the mother of Enzo, 24, and Sophia, 18, as a result of her marriage to Edson Cellular. However, the actress did not hide her desire to be a mother again.

“I have the eggs frozen and we’ll try. Let’s see if the Father in Heaven has blessed us. I am Mother Nature. I have breastfed my two children for up to a year and a half. I have the energy to always start over,” she said.

newly, Edson said he’d be a father againbecause your wife Karen Rubik Waiting for a little girl. And Claudia was very happy with the news.

“Edson is a very dear person, and a great father. Everyone settles in. My children will have a little sister,” he said.

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