June 14, 2024

Corona virus direct updates: CDC to review possible link between myocardial infarction and MRNA vaccines.

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Beijing has invited Taiwanese residents to visit China for vaccinations, in a move that appears to be sure to anger the democratically elected government in Taipei.

A report released by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office on Friday said that the vaccine was “welcome” as long as Taiwanese residents follow social distance measures. Announced. While Beijing has closed its borders to most international travelers, it is seeking sovereignty over the self-governing island of Taiwan; Taiwanese holding certain permits Can still enter People’s Republic.

The World Health Organization recently approved Chinese-grown Sinoform and Sinovak displays for emergency use during epidemics. Despite the doubts About their effectiveness against symptomatic infections.

Although China has provided more than 800 million corona virus vaccines, Taiwan is off to a sluggish start. The island, with a population of about 23.5 million, was a model for the control of the corona virus Until the latest spike Of the epidemics, only 3 percent of its population is vaccinated.

Taiwan recently received 1.2 million doses of Oxford-Astrogenene vaccines from Japan. The United States, Taiwan’s most important ally, has also pledged at least 750,000 views.

Beijing has offered to send Chinese-made vaccines to Taiwan to prevent the import of Chinese pharmaceutical products. In its statement, the Taiwan Office of Taiwan urged Taipei to “quickly remove the artificial barriers to major land vaccines being sent to Taiwan and allow Taiwan to receive a wider range of safe and highly effective mainland vaccines.”

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has accused Beijing of blocking any vaccine deal his government relied on to sign with a European pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Despite polls showing that in Taiwan, at least 62,000 Taiwanese have been vaccinated by Beijing as of May 31, according to the Taiwan Affairs Office. Only a small minority Selects Chinese-made scenes.

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