April 2, 2023
Covid-19: Apple and Google processors have some users in the United States

Covid-19: Apple and Google processors have some users in the United States

Recently, the website Business Insider He pointed out that applications developed by Apple and Google to fight the corona virus face lower adoption rates in the United States. According to the source, only 17 of the 26 U.S. states that joined the software chose to share their data, revealing alarming statistics.

Considering all the participating states, the average number of downloads Applications of Govit-19 Reached 24.8%, only 2.14% of users report possible cases of infection. Even in the region with the highest number of users in Maryland, only 40% of installations and 9.7% of contaminants are recorded.

The low take-off rate of the application raised questions about the performance of the system. However, Google and Apple representatives said that the original purpose of the operation was to strengthen the efforts of the authorities in the fight against the epidemic, and that in this context, it would be useful in “saving thousands of lives.”

Applications against Govt-19 are less likely to be adopted in the United States. (Source: Unsplash / Reproduction)Source: Unsplash

Without more conclusive data, a key theory behind the low acceptance of applications against Govt-19 MisinformationEspecially fake news. The disclosure of false information may have created unexpected distrust of the technology, as well as increased fear of the virus.

Another possibility speculates that visitors caught by the application are likely to take other precautionary measures against the corona virus and thus avoid infection – leading to a lower number of confirmed case records. However, more than half of the U.S. states have officially adopted the measure, which may have affected compliance rates.