March 30, 2023

Crisis reduces GM sales to 1958 levels

The chip crisis has led to a drop in sales for GM Brazil as well as cars, which recently lost to Kawa Seri. From third to seventh place, the fall of ABC did not compare to the Detroit headquarters.

There, General Motors posted sales in the last quarter comparable to 1958. Since the time of the Fishwall V8 dinosaurs, the company’s sales — once the world’s highest (without the famous Brazilian story …) – have not been less there.

Chips: The crisis hit GM sales in the US at 1958 levels

446,997 vehicles were delivered to the US market during this period, 218,195 less than at the end of 2020 and 291,641 compared to 2019. In terms of volume, this is the lowest since the year it was mentioned, and it has been absent from GM since 1931. It has been able to advance the US market!

In the current market, GM lags 80,000 cars behind Toyota and is unlikely to catch up with Ford and Stellandis in 2021. Last year, carmaker Govt shut down some factories due to, but managed to stay in a good condition.

Chips: The crisis hit GM sales in the US at 1958 levels

However, the chip crisis hit the company hard in 2021, but the limestone hoe on sale is an epidemic affecting Malaysia, from which most of GM’s semiconductors come. This has brought its car parking to a very low level of functionality in the United States.

While the numbers are not in favor of GM overall, the pace is not fast. Like other manufacturers, GM simply converted semiconductors into high-value products, and pickup trucks certainly took the lead.

As prices have risen in recent years, pickup trucks have expanded their margins, followed by SUVs. In this, GM took advantage of the opportunity to reduce or eliminate non-profit models, while focusing on electrification as a means of adding value to future high demand products.

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