June 13, 2024

Crossover: Kareena is found by the police and reveals that she is a victim of child sexual abuse in a shocking scene. He watches

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Crossover: Kareena is found by the police and reveals that she is a victim of child sexual abuse in a shocking scene.  He watches

[Alerta de conteúdo sensível] In the “Travessia” chapter this Friday (28), Karina (Daniel Olympia) revealed her big secret. After being a victim of a pedophile (Claudio Tovar) online, her photos and videos are leaked on porn sites. The girl then left the house to wander the streets aimlessly without telling her parents what was going on.

Concerned when they notice their daughter’s absence, Marinade (Flavia Reis) and Joel (Nando Cunha) call Crossa (Lucy Pereira) to contact Hilo (Giovanna Antonelli) in order to find the teenager. After a lot of trying, Isa (Duda Santos) gets Karina to answer her calls. When she is found by her friend, the young woman explains that she did not speak to Bruna Schuller (Julia Boscacio), and that it was a fake profile.

However, the two are found by the police on Helou’s order. When they reached the police station, the delegate tried to force the girl to tell everything that had happened. Having already dealt with similar cases, she soon realized that the girl was a victim of rape and hypothetical rape. “You were a victim. You are not to blame for anything. You were a victim who deserves no punishment. You see, my love? You are not alone. Many girls were also victims of this thief, this criminal, this pedophilia. Yes? You are not alone.”announced.

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Visibly shaken, Kareena started reporting the crime. “You don’t know what happened, you don’t know”I repeated crying. “You talked a lot with Bruna, you became very close friends with Bruna, and I asked you for pictures and you sent them.”said the delegate. Karina said she found out she was actually talking to a criminal when he showed up on one of the calls and that he was “ugly and rough”.

Helou continued to question the girl, but she panicked at the situation. At this moment, her parents arrived at the police station, but she tried to hide from them, ashamed of what happened. After the girl calmed down a bit, they entered the room where she was and showed their support for their daughter. Then they hugged in tears.

Online, audiences praised the fact that this very delicate topic was covered in the TV series 9 o’clock and praised Danielle Olympia’s performance. “When I pulled her hair, I cried. The actress was huge in that scene from Travessia.”wrote the influencer Papi. “Give the best actress award to this girl!”as announced by influencer Pedrão. Check out the reactions below:

To report a crime of virtual rape, it is necessary to file a police report (BO) at a police station specializing in women’s assistance or at a police station specializing in cybercrime. It is also possible to contact the Military Police (190), contact the rights of communication (100), the Women’s Service Center (180) or file a complaint online, in the application of the federal government or through the portal of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

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