August 18, 2022
Cruzeiro wins Christmas in three sets to zero and is a four-time champion of the Men's Volleyball Super Cup |  volleyball

Cruzeiro wins Christmas in three sets to zero and is a four-time champion of the Men’s Volleyball Super Cup | volleyball

Cruzeiro is a four-time Supercopa champion. Minas Gerais won Christmas by three sets to zero, with partials 25/22, 25/15 and 25/22, Tuesday night, at Ginásio Fiotão, in Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso.

Cuban Lopez was the top scorer in the match with 13 points, followed by the opposite Wallace with 12 points. The player evaluated the win and the start of the current season with the new coach, former Cruzeiro player Felipe.

– The start of the season, the team that is being assembled again, Philip as coach, a new kind of work, but it was necessary, it shows that we are on the right track. “The team played very well today, there were some ups and downs in the game, and I think it will happen eventually, especially at the start of the season,” Wallace said.

Four-time Supercopa champion Cruzeiro – Photo: Divulgação / Sada Cruzeiro

Natal (formerly Taubaté) is the current Superliga champion and has undergone a major transformation this season. Cruzeiro lifts the second cup. The team was already a champion from Minas Gerais on top of Minas.

– I really think they were the favourite. Captain Thales said we have a lot to improve, we are working hard, and the goal is that in the near future we can give them more work.

The first group
It couldn’t be different, with two great teams on the field. The group was very balanced, from point to point. Cruzeiro opened a small advantage after 20 points and lost a set point. The Minas Gerais team closed 25 to 22.

the second group
The match started quite favorable for Cruzeiro. The Belo Horizonte team came to open 8-3 and that was the complete set. Natal wasn’t on court, the pass didn’t fit and still makes silly mistakes. Cruzeiro closed the group at 25 to 15.

third group
Natal’s team came back better and opened 4-1 at the start of the set, but Cruzeiro quickly recovered and turned 7-5. Heavenly Shock worked, but there was more balance between the two teams. Indicate a point up to 21 to 19. The fox closed the group at 25 to 22.