July 22, 2024

Cubs Blank Dodgers, MLB Season Record Attach

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LOS ANGELES – Zack Davis and three Chicago Cubs relievers joined the seventh no-hitter in majors this year, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-0 on Thursday night and setting a record for most baseball seasons since 1900.

The Dodgers drew eight runs, receiving at least one from each cup pitcher, but not managing any other basic players.

Davis (5-4) released five runs and had six innings of 94 pitches with the Cubs at the start of the 16th season of his first season against the reigning World Series champions.

Chicago relievers Ryan Deborah and Andrew Safin each struck a thunderbolt during their solo innings, but could not capitalize on Los Angeles.

Craig Kimberl then led Chris Taylor to ninth place, but Cody Bellinger, Albert Bujols and pinch-hitter Will Smith completed the 17th no-hitter in Cubs history – the team’s first combined effort.

“I think they should all walk to raise my heart rate a little bit,” said Cubs manager David Rose.

“You come in ninth. I don’t know if I’re been as nervous as I was on the bench with a 4-0 lead and Craig Kimberly for a long time.”

Cups starter Zack Davis and all three relievers together did not hit the Dodgers.

Javier Pease and Wilson Contreras added two runs in the sixth inning for the Cubs in the first inning, with Alec Mills emptying Milwaukee, who happily celebrated his first no-hitter of rights last September 13th.

The seventh no-hitter of this season, which is very unusual, is from May 19th. The Boston Red Sox took the effort for a combined no-hitter in the eighth inning earlier on Thursday, but Tampa Bay was not and was not.

With this no-hitter – 312nd in baseball history – 2021 matches are the highest in a single MLP season since 1990, 1991, 2012 and 2015. It was an embarrassment of the eighth record in 1884, when the first season of overhand pitching was allowed.

“It was a wonderful moment,” Davis said. “The World Series, I think, is something like that. But it’s not alone, it’s a specialty to be a part of history, even if it’s a concerted effort.”

Davis said they didn’t seem to be working on a combined no-hitter after throwing their respective innings at each of his three relievers.

“I think every pitcher wants to continue in the game regardless of his pitch number, but it worked,” Davis said. “Saf, Deb and Craig closed the door. A piece of history. I’m excited for the guys on the field. I can’t complain. ”

The Cubs actually did something much harder than throwing a hitter in the last two seasons: they knocked down Walker Beauhler, who has not failed at the start of 23 regular seasons.

Despite throwing six innings off five balls, for Dohers, Euler picked up his first loss since September 21, 2019. Beauhler made it through the six innings for the 17th opener, but embraced defeat in 30 straight games overall.

One night after being beaten by San Diego Patros for the first time since 2013, the Dodgers were unbeaten against Cubs, winning all three games from Los Angeles last month.

Since August 30, 2015, when Chavez won at the Rhine by Jack Arietta of the Cubs, the Dodgers have not been affected – he is scheduled to leave for Chicago on Friday night.

Davis made serious progress after giving up a career-high eight runs in his last start against Miami. Those eight runs matched the number he had allowed in his previous six starts, and he regained his best form at Dodger Stadium.

However, Davis had control issues with Chavez Riven. He ran two batters first before Pujols landed to finish the inning.

He walked Ledoff Thunder in third and fourth place, but avoided any other trouble. The fifth inning was his first 1-2-3 act, and he retired the Dodgers for the sixth time.

The Dodgers came close to a win in the first inning when Taylor’s line drive was caught by center Rafael Ortega.

Davis has never thrown a full game in his seven-year major league career, starting with five seasons at Milwaukee before moving to San Diego last year.

Deborah, the most sensational reliever in Chicago’s solid pulp, walked Gavin Lux with two outs in seventh. Austin Barnes lined up for second to finish another hitless inning.

Safin led the Mookie Bets with an out, but Max Munsey hit a grounder to the right of first paceman Anthony Rizzo, who got down in the bag and threw easily into second.

The previous combined no-hitter in the Majors was August 3, 2019, when Aaron Sanchez and three Houston relievers beat Seattle 9-0.

Buhler (7-1) did not pick up a winner in the eighth inning in Arizona last Saturday, where he tied the Dodgers without losing the right to a regular regular season start. He did it in six innings on Thursday for the 15th time this season, but he has yet to drop the Cubs.

On his return to the Chicago estate, Bees followed his 17th homecoming, receiving a loud chorus of zealots with cheers from the Cubs’ substantial fan base in Los Angeles. Beauler recovered and stayed out of trouble until the sixth, when Contreras took him deep.

Chicago added another run in seventh when Jack Marisnick hit a single in Jason Hayward’s David Price’s game.

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