September 24, 2023
Data leak from nearly 6,000 U.S. fuel distribution employees

Data leak from nearly 6,000 U.S. fuel distribution employees

Three months after a catastrophic attack ransomware The Colony Pipeline, which came to compromise on fuel supply in the United States, confirms the leak of personal data of company employees and former employees of the company. Since last week, the company has been in contact with 5,800 victims, most of whom are current and former employees.

According to the report sent to the victims, information such as full names, date of birth and personal documents, including social security numbers, driving licenses and military records, were compromised. Data related to health insurance linked to current and former employees of oil distributors and direct family members may also have been obtained by offenders.

According to the Colonial Pipeline, the invention of reconciliation came after internal investigations into the security of the systems, including the involvement of external experts and US government security agencies. The company also claims that the types of data quoted represent the total amount obtained by the perpetrators, but in individual cases, only a portion of such information is misappropriated by the perpetrators.

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Contact with six thousand victims has been going on since last Friday (13) and comes with the offer of free credit and identity protection services so that victims can protect themselves from any information leaked by the 3rd. . To the press, the distributor said its systems are now safe again, while operations have been fully restarted.

Remember the case

The lawsuit was probably funded by US President Joe Biden, who spoke out against the use of cybercrime cases against infrastructure companies as terrorism (Image: Cage Skidmore / Creative Commons)

The ransomware attack on colonial pipeline systems came in May as it was forced to shut down operations on its main fuel supply routes that feed the east coast of the United States and include the country’s largest pipeline. The shutdown led to gas stations and sewers in several places across the country, and work resumed a few days later.

Unofficially confirmed data indicate that the company paid $ 5 million in line just hours after the attack. Restoration of the company’s servers and systems was granted after the DarkSide Group’s agreement on backups and cryptographic keys, which publicly apologized for using its arsenal. Cyber Against an important infrastructure for the country.

The lawsuit was probably funded by the United States President Joe Biden, who said the lawsuit was probably funded by the United States. He turned to Russia, accusing him of funding such activities, and took the case to the G7 summit in June, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has denied any involvement in the case.

Source: Colonial pipe, Sleeping computer

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