July 14, 2024

David Luiz makes a good first impression and has an instant connection with Flamengo fans | flamingo

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David Luiz makes a good first impression and has an instant connection with Flamengo fans |  flamingo
David Luiz makes a good first impression and has an instant connection with Flamengo fans |  flamingo

Debuting with Flamengo in the Libertadores semi-final, the Maracana full, was a test of fire that David Luiz passed with authority. The owner of the 2-0 win over BarcelonaThe defender made a good impression on his first contact with fans, in a relationship that begins in the atmosphere of a honeymoon.

The full context of David Luiz’s hiring, with the right to campaign online, gave an idea of ​​how willing fans were to embrace the cannons. At the Maracana, it was confirmed: the shirt name 23 was one of the most shouted-out names in the team’s announcement.

David Luiz in a match against Barcelona: The defender made his debut well – Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

David Luiz responded in the field. Even without having a lot of relationships with the team and with a nervous start to the team, the defender was important in helping his teammates settle down on the field.

With Barcelona abusing long shots, David played a leading role. He won the most shots at the top and helped neutralize the Ecuadoreans’ bids. Gradually, with Flamengo in front and more comfortable on the field, the defender began to help more with the ball, with good shots, mainly for Bruno Henrique.

David Luiz’s numbers in the match:

  • 2 submissions
  • 4 strokes
  • 29 pass right
  • 2 mistakes committed
  • 1 disarm

David Luiz helped the team play on the ground – Photo: Andre Durau

In the second half, David Luiz had a very important participation. In a new set-piece attack by Barcelona, ​​even the defender, even unbalanced, threw himself on the ground to block a serve in the area.

Comfortably on the field, David fired more into the attack. At one point, he tried to swipe left while looking right, but ended up missing. With Barcelona lagging behind, defensive tasks became scarce.

Still not 100% fit, David Luiz was replaced 12 minutes into the second half by Léo Pereira. Upon leaving the stadium, the fans applauded him again and returned the affection. By the way, the defender’s substitute had a problem at the end of the match, when he was sent off after hitting an opponent with his elbow.

Now, it’s up to the red and black boosters to increase the pace of the game and improve the relationship with your teammates. The first impression made at the Maracana was good, and the duo with Rodrigo Caillou in defense looks promising.

The next challenge for David Luiz and Flamengo will take place on Sunday. The team faces America-MG, in the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship, at 11 am (GMT), in Belo Horizonte.

Fan Voice - Arthur:"Practically Flamengo stamped his ticket to Montevideo"

A Voz da Torcida – Arthur: “Flamingo practically sealed his ticket to Montevideo”

– Image: Disclosure

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