February 9, 2023
The government launches the general return to stadiums in Pernambuco, starting next Monday |  football

The government launches the general return to stadiums in Pernambuco, starting next Monday | football

A little over a year and a half later, the stadiums in Pernambuco will be back for the public. From next Monday, September 27, fans are allowed to attend, but with restrictions. The announcement was made Thursday afternoon, at a state government press conference.

To partially release the returning public, the government has imposed restrictions. Like the requirement of full immunization against covid-19 (take both doses) for 90% of fans. The remaining 10% will be able to provide evidence of the first dose, as well as testing.

– Starting Monday, we will be releasing a show for an audience of up to 2,500 people. And 90% of those will have to get two doses of the vaccine. Only 10% should get at least one dose, but the result should be negative. Starting in November, we doubled the capacity to up to five thousand people, and from then on, full immunization should take place. Anna Paula Vilaca said anyone wishing to attend social events should get two doses of the vaccine. Executive Secretary for Economic Development of Pernambuco.

Football clubs will also not be able to provide tickets at the maximum capacity of their stadiums. Only 2,500 fans will be allowed access, and next Tuesday, Náutico x CRB for Série B will be the state’s first free public match..

Náutico x Fortaleza, in 2020, the Copa do Nordest, was the last match for the crowd in Pernambuco – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

The sport, in turn, has to wait for the public release in Serie A matches (only Serie A has this mandate). Elite clubs meet again on September 28 to discuss the issue. That’s because they hope to get their release to the public in all states with first-class teams as early as early October.

Santa Cruz, who still does not have a permit to greet the farewell fans of Serie C, on Sunday, against Botafogo BB, will be able to receive the fans in the pre-Copa do Nordest stage. No date has been set yet Tricolor receives the Thirteen x Floresta winner in Arruda.

The last official match in attendance was in the Northeast Cup 2020, in Afletos, when Nautico lost to Fortaleza 3-0, on 14 March.

Since then, matches have been held with closed gates. On September 9, during the match of the Brazilian national team against Peru, in the World Cup qualifiers, 50 guests from the Brazilian Confederation were released. Everyone watches the duel from the chests, in the Arena de Pernambuco.