February 26, 2024
Diego receives a "flood" of messages from football personalities after announcing his retirement - Flamengo - News and match Flamengo

Diego receives a “flood” of messages from football personalities after announcing his retirement – Flamengo – News and match Flamengo

Former players and athletes praised the career of Diego, who will play his last match as a professional next Sunday (13).

last saturday (fifth), Diego Ribas announces his retirement from football at the end of the season as such flamingo. After 20 years of his career and stint at the top clubs in world football, the 37-year-old midfielder decided to hang up his boots. In the social media post confirming the end of the track in the four lines, Gávea’s No. 10 jersey has received a string of positive comments from former Rubro-Negro players and athletes and other teams.

Look at some interactions:

Kaka: “Congratulations on the march you won over my brother! It was a pleasure playing with you and competing against you and for! May God bless you abundantly in the new adventures that lie ahead.”

Ravinia: “Chief, congratulations on your victorious walk… It was a pleasure to share the meadows with you, sometimes against you and also together… Diegão you are a man with 1000, God bless you forever! Deizinho, I love you, brother.”

Bruno Henrique: “It’s an honor to share these four years playing alongside you, Captain, an amazing career.”

Rodrigo Cayo:What a wonderful profession my brother. The utmost respect for its history and even more for its character.”

Leo Pereira:It is an honor for me to be able to play with you brother, beautiful and blessed march, congratulations on everything, idol. ”

Navy: “The privilege to play by your side, brother, and to be a part of your beautiful path.”

Matthews: “Congratulations on your job share! You are so different, I like you.”

Juan: “Enjoy your last week as an athlete brother! “

Ilano: Congratulations, my friend. I am lucky to live and play with you. God still blesses you. “

Wagner: “Congratulations on the beautiful career you built! May God bless your new ventures, and I thank you on behalf of my family for welcoming us so well to Germany! bosom.”

Diego Costa:Big Brother, you are a star.”

From the beginning as a professional at Santos until the end of his career in flamingo It’s been 20 years. With time, Diego Ribas Travel the world playing soccer, gather friends within the four lines, and meet the former athletes and players who praised him in the post. On the track, the midfielder, in addition to the two already mentioned Brazilian clubs, passed by: Porto (Port), Werder Bremen (ALE), Juventus (Italy), Wolfsburg (ALE), Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Fenerbahce (Spain). TUR).

Learn how to take advantage of the flamingo victories!

Diego is getting closer and closer to hanging up his shoes and will do so within a week next Sunday (13). The match that will announce the retirement of the 10 shirt will be a duel flamingo Against Avaí, 4pm (Brazilian time), in the Maracana. The confrontation at the Holy Temple will also be the last participation of the Crimson Negro of the season.

However, before thinking of farewell, Diego and flamingo have obligations. By the way, the midfielder tends to be a key player in Mingo’s next match of the season. This is the duel against Curitiba, in the 36th round of Brazil. The match will take place on Sunday (06), at 16:00 (Brazilian time), at Coto Pereira Stadium. The premiere of the match will be broadcast, but as usual, most of the red and black broadcasts are on column FlaWith Rafa Benido in charge of the novel on YouTube.