February 26, 2024
On the eve of the World Cup call-up, Aston Villa coach reveals Coutinho's serious injury and worries Tite.

On the eve of the World Cup call-up, Aston Villa coach reveals Coutinho’s serious injury and worries Tite.

Philippe Coutinho suffered an injury and did not summon Tite to represent Brazil in the 2022 World Cup

Technical Brazilian national teamAnd the Titushe received bad news on Sunday (6), on the eve of his last call to World Cup 2022.

According to the coach Aston VillaAnd the Unai Emerysock Philip Coutinho He suffered an injury and will miss the next matches for Birmingham.

With this, the midfielder, who has been a constant presence in Tite’s calls in recent years, has a chance of staying outside the Qatar World Cup.

“Coutinho is injured. I don’t know how long he will be out of action, but today he was not able to play and he will not be even after the break (in the cup),” Emery said.

The Brazilian was not even included in the Sunday match he was in. You are black beat Manchester United 3-1 to Premier League.

“It is a muscle injury. He will not play on Thursday or Sunday because he is injured and will be out for some time,” the Villa coach added.

Thus, it is already certain that Philip will miss Villa against United, on Thursday (10), for the English League Cup, and against Brighton, in the last team duel. Premier League Before the 2022 World Cup stops.

According to the sources heard by Pedro Evo Almeida, commentator for ESPNBrazil’s technical staff still does not rule out the call-up of the midfielder.

The team’s medical department is still waiting for the latest updates from Aston Villa to learn more about the athlete’s situation and make the final decision.

Tite and his top lieutenants watch the situation with concern.

This season, Coutinho has entered the field 13 Times for the English team, without scoring goals or assists.

Tite, in turn, will be called up for the World Cup in Qatar on Monday afternoon (7), listing the 26 names that will represent Brazil in the tournament.