February 26, 2024
Learn about the main points of restructuring that Vasco must go through after arriving

Learn about the main points of restructuring that Vasco must go through after arriving

Learn about the main points of restructuring that Vasco must go through after arriving

Few have a chance for a real fresh start, after so many accumulated mistakes, bad choices, and bad luck. There comes a time when the burden of the past is so heavy that you want to do it differently. On Sunday, that distant prospect smiled to Vasco, returning to Serie A after a 1-0 win, with doses of suffering, over Ituano. The access, added to the promised capital injection from the sale of Sociedad Anónima de Futebol (SAF) to 777 Partners, allows Cruz-Maltino and his fans to leave the past behind and look forward. The work on the horizon is giant to build a winning team practically from scratch.

The most obvious rework is the group of players. Of the current team, which finished Série B in fourth, there are 16 contracts to finish. Of the hosts facing Ituano, eight will need to sign new contracts to continue with the Maltese Cross in the First Division in 2023.

However, the trend is that almost all of these players bid farewell to the Maltese cross in Eto’o. Those with the longest tenure are mainly trained players in the basic categories as well as the Chilean Palacios. Three goalkeepers on the team – Thiago Rodriguez, Hales and Vintelman – have a contract that expires at the moment.

The promise is to invest in R$190 million in reinforcements next year, between money to buy economic rights and salary increases. The search should be for first-class players. The talented youngsters who should stay on the hill – especially Andre, Marlon Gomez and Iginaldo – haven’t played a single minute in the elite. It shouldn’t be thrown to sharks as a start, right out of the gate.

This casting must pass through two main hands: the hand of Paulo Brax, Director of SAF, armed with the information provided by the 777 Matrix; So is the coach who will be appointed to lead the team in 2023. Jorginho has accomplished the task of returning Vasco to Serie A, but he should not convince the SAF that he deserves to continue.

At the same time, Vasco should focus its efforts in 2023 on improving the business infrastructure. The training center is still far behind the best in the country. It lacks a better transitional structure between the base and pro team, accommodations, and equipment. The pitch on which the players train should be better.

Stadium problem

Vasco, as a business, also needs to evolve. You shouldn’t just rely on a capital injection from Miami to keep teams competitive going forward.

In this sense, one of the biggest needs is a place to play. Sao Janorio is small for the fans and the Saudi Football Association needs to find a place to broadcast matches with a capacity greater than the current 22,000 colina. Only in this way will you be able to achieve a jump in revenue with members and box office. To get an idea of ​​the untapped potential: a game with a full São Januario generating R$216,000 in net revenue; In the Maracana, 600 thousand Brazilian reals.

The alternative is to take over the management of the stadium that will host two World Cups. The 777 has allied itself with WTorre, who is responsible for managing Palmeiras Stadium, as well as with American company Legends, focusing on the new bid. But the path promises to be tortuous, with the feud with Flamengo and Fluminense on the other side and all the political nuances implied by such a decision.

The longest task of all will be to reposition the image. From now on, Vasco will have to convince others that the reality of the swing team, with access and relegation, no longer exists.

This has to be done to convince quality players to sign with SAF – just a good offer of money is not enough to beat the competition from other teams that are also financially strong. He will also need to convince the market that he has turned the page, in order to sign quality sponsorship contracts, and negotiate with suppliers of sports equipment. There is a lot more to do, but at least for now fans can dream.

Source: The Globe