February 5, 2023

“Disgusted”, Geraldo Luis ends up silent and rebels

Geraldo Luis showed revolution after pictures of the devastation in Brasília

Geraldo Lewis Angered by the terrorist attack that took place in Brasilia This Sunday (08). Presenter Record It blew up the rioters and demanded more action from the public authority.

He called people who plunder public property criminals and said there was a lack of public initiative to prevent the destruction that remained in place. Being from Record Press, Geraldo Luis is hooked on all things new.

For this reason, it is common for him to issue opinions through his analyses. In the last election, he is more neutral, because Record asks his aides to do so. But after the victories achieved in the national arena and at the state level, he congratulated those elected and virtuous democrats.

Geraldo Luis rebelled against the terrorist attack (Photo: reproduction)

Letter to Silvio

In the last edition of “Balanço Geral”, which took place on Saturday, 07, the presenter broke protocol when he spoke about Silvio Santos And he worked as a journalist at SBT.

This is because Geraldo Luis remembered an interview with Carlos Nascimento, who beat cancer.

During the chat, the host of the record asked about the journalist’s work in SBT. Because of the treatment against the disease, he quit.

After seeing the interview in “Balanço Geral”, Geraldo Luis broke protocol and mentioned Silvio Santos live.

“After this article, Silvio called the birth”the presenter started talking about An invitation from the owner of SBT to Carlos Nascimento.

“Carlos held the government debate on SBT”The captain commented, “Balanço Geral live.

In addition, Geraldo Luis highlighted how much Carlos Nascimento missed on Brazilian television.

“Nascimento is missing, there are people who don’t, but there are people who are missing, he knows how to make television, he’s a newspaper guy, great,” The journalist confessed.

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