June 18, 2024

Dolores and Nelio fight and the relationship is shaken

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Dolores and Nelio fight and the relationship is shaken

The atmosphere between Nélio (João Pedro Zappa) and Dolores (Daphne Bozaski) will be tense at Nos Tempos do Imperador. Tonico’s wife (Alexander Nero) will be surprised to find out that her friend was with the deputy in a plan to leave Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovsky) and Eodoro’s youngest daughter (José Dumont) without the farmer’s land.

Dolores is disappointed with Nelio at Nos Tempos do Imperador

Dolores discovers that Nélio with Tonic’s plan is to force her to sell her father’s land. The farmer shared the land equally among his daughters, but the deputy wanted to seize the property. Information from TV News.

“I thought you were different from Tonico, but it’s the same,” the young woman will say. “Don’t compare me to Tunico, I never liked his attitude,” Nélio will reply.

Enraged by the feeling of betrayal, Dolores will interrupt the boy: “Weak! Coward! He deserves to be a tunico mop.” The deputy’s wife will also say that she will tell her sister everything.

Nelio replies by saying that he tried to explain everything to the doctor, because he wrote a note telling the whole truth. “Please give me! I found a way to tell Pilar everything because I love you so much,” Toneko’s assistant will announce.

“What you call love is an illusion. I am a bastard: married to a worm and in love with another worm. But I will be able to uproot this love from my heart. I will kick you out of my life, just as I will kick you out of my house,” says Dolores.

The lawyer will try to demand Dolores’ forgiveness, but she will remain adamant.

Nelio and pain
Dolores (Daphne Bozasky) and Nelio (Joao Pedro Zappa) – Photo: Reproduction / Globo

Nos Tempos do Imperador is broadcast Monday through Saturday, 6:25pm Brasilia time, on Globo.

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