June 14, 2024

Zezé Di Camargo cries and refuses to release new music with Marília Mendonça TV News

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Zezé Di Camargo cries and refuses to release new music with Marília Mendonça TV News

In a program dedicated to honor Marilia Mendonca (1995-2021), Zizi de Camargo She revealed that she does not intend to release the new song Você Não É Mais Assim, one of the singer’s last recordings. “I won’t use this commercially,” the singer said, sobbing along Anna Maria Braga in Mais Você This Monday (8).

The project celebrates 30 years of its career Zizi di Camargo and Luciano It was attended by several artists such as Ivete Sangalo and Thiaguinho. “Maralia in our project, from a commercial and artistic point of view, was very important to us, because of her size in music and for everything she represents today,” said her compatriot.

According to him, the release of the memorial album was postponed due to the epidemic and he has about three hours of unreleased recordings with Marilia Mendonca. Part of this material was broadcast on Fantástico, causing an uproar among fans.

“It rained and we were asked to release the song. I think it would be my pleasure and respect to come to the conclusion that I am not going to release this song,” says the singer. He says he will edit all the materials and hand them over to Singer Ruth Moreira’s mother.

It was a real and pure moment for us, I was so happy to be there and she was so happy to have her with me in that moment. It’s a gift for her mom, and her son, and I want them to make whatever they want out of this material.

Zezé Di Camargo says it would be a huge inconvenience to release the material and make commercial gain with the death of the singer, who was a victim plane crash last friday. The singer suggested using the collected money in a charitable way, but said that the decision belonged to her family.

Ana Maria Braga was moved to tears and praised the attitude of her compatriot. The presenter stated, “I know the line I come from and do not expect anything different! It is a great gift to Mrs. Ruth, and she will know how to understand and give the best direction to this business, which must be wonderful.” .

Check out an excerpt from the interview in the video below.

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