January 29, 2023
Down with PETR4, Retail and Slaughterhouses;  EMBR3 and VALE3 go up

Down with PETR4, Retail and Slaughterhouses; EMBR3 and VALE3 go up

There are already signs that Brazilian economic activity is losing steam, analysts say afterward Moderate growth of GDP in the third quarter of 2022, with another 0.4%. There’s a chill in many sectors, but the stock market also thought Wall Street wasn’t too enthusiastic with it Today’s personal consumption expenditures are slightly lower than expected🇧🇷 In the field of politics, it is followed by financial uncertainty, as well as the composition of the next government. With all this, the Brazilian index fell. But it could have been worse. the valley (VOUCH3), for all its weight and volume, prevented an even larger drop, rising 0.55%. amphif (ABEV3), with another 1.01%, and BB Seguridade (BBSE3), as it increased by 2.33%, both with good trading volume, which helped curb the decline in the index. and Embraer (EMBR3), up 2.29%, were among those leading the increases. injuries – But that wasn’t enough. Most assets, including Petrobras (PETR3🇧🇷PETR4), which fell, respectively, by 3.75% and 4.01%, after the sale of Reman for $257.2 million, Suspension of divestment In thermoelectric ads and more ads by the state-owned company. Banks are mostly down, but the negative is Bradesco PN (BBDC4), which is one of the most heavily traded stocks during the day, down 1.16%. The decline of retail, especially Louisa’s magazine (MGLU3), with minus 9.09%, at the top of the falls; Lugas Renner (LREN3), and decreased by 3.15%; and asai (ASAI3), one of the most heavily traded markets during the day, down 1.85%. On this first day of December, things are left as November ends: full of doubts and a lot of caution. 🇧🇷Fernando Lopez🇧🇷