September 28, 2023

Dr. Anthony Fossie says a publicly published email about a lab leak is misleading

“There are some of your critics who say this shows that you are very comfortable in your relationship with those behind Wuhan’s laboratory research,” CNN’s John Berman told Fucci on New Day. “What do you say to that?”

“That’s nonsense,” Fossie replied. “I don’t even see how they get it from that email.”

Fassi later insisted an email had been sent to him, noting that the origin of the corona virus was still uncertain.

“I always told you, John, I’ll tell you today, I still believe that a human often has an origin from an animal species, but if I had a different open appearance, there might be another reason, which could have been a laboratory leak,” Fucci told Berman. If you look historically, I believe what happens in the animal-human interface is more likely that you are actually manipulating a tab of creatures. But I always have an open mind. I was adamant that the reason for that was to constantly search for origins.

“You can misunderstand it if you want to – that email said ‘thank you’ to me from one person, I thought he said whatever he said, and I said, I think most of the time it’s the Creatures tab. At the same time I have an open mind, it’s a I think it could be a lab leak. “

In another email to Fucci on April 16, NIH Director Francis Collins wrote that “conspiracy theory is accelerating,” a note rejecting the laboratory-leak hypothesis. But most of the email has been edited, and Fassi said he does not remember its meaning.

“They only took about 10,000 emails from me, of course I remember. I remember 10,000 of them. Give me a break,” he said. “I do not remember what’s in that modification, but the Chinese deliberately designed something so I think they could kill themselves and others. I think it’s a bit far, John.”

What Fucci's emails reveal - what they don't do
On February 5, 2020, Berman sent an email to Sylvia Burwell, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in which she did not recommend wearing a mask because she had traveled to a less dangerous place. The email was sent before and after the corona virus was declared an infection The CDC advised the public to wear masks for safety.

“A lot has changed since then. If you had to go back and do it again, would you say anything else to her? Are you sorry for that?” Berman asked Fossie.

“Let’s look at the real thing here – if you accumulate scientific information, what happens in January and February, what you really know, as data, guide what you say to people and your policies. You change your mind and adjust your recommendation, ”Fucci told Berman.

“So of course, if we had known again, there would have been a substantial amount of exchange Asymptomatic people. If we knew that data shows that masks actually work when we do not know them outside a hospital setting. If we realize all of those things, of course, “he said.” You ask a question, ‘Would you do anything else if you knew what you know now?’ Of course people would have done it. It is very obvious. “

CNN’s Eric Levanson contributed to the report.