June 24, 2024

Facebook’s parent company bans Russian state media from monetizing posts | Technique

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Facebook's parent company bans Russian state media from monetizing posts |  Technique

The goalthe company responsible for Facebook, announced that it is preventing Russian state media from monetizing their posts on the social network. The decision was announced by the head of security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, in the early hours of Saturday morning (26).

“The changes have already started to be implemented and will continue through the weekend,” said Gleicher. He added that the company is also preventing Russian state media from showing ads on the platform anywhere in the world.

The company already Restrictions on these and other social networks Give goal After the platform refused to stop verifying the information, according to an announcement on Friday (25).

“The Russians use our apps to express themselves and organize business,” said the vice president of the Russian company goalNick Clegg in a statement on this occasion.

Russia’s communications regulator announced on Friday that it was “restricting access” to Facebookwho accuses him of censoring and imposing restrictions on four Russian media outlets, coinciding with the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.

Clegg said the platform is “verifying” information published by these means.

a Facebook Ensures that an external auditor – licensed by the platform, but independent – has found questionable information in news and videos.

“Yesterday, the Russian authorities ordered us to stop scrutinizing and warning about content published by four Russian state-controlled media outlets,” Clegg wrote.

“We declined. As a result, they announced that they would restrict access to our services.”

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