February 28, 2024

Femicide suspect withdrawn from trial after ‘Mio crisis’

Published on 10/27/2021 00:23


Nicolas “meows” 55 times before being taken out of court – (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/@radiofmpositiva)

An unusual case ended with a trial boycott on Tuesday (October 26) in the city of Mendoza, in Argentina. A man had a “meow crisis” and the judge was forced to boycott the hearing he was sentenced.

The defendant is Nicholas Gilles-Berrig, 40 years old. He is on trial for the murder of his mother and aunt in 2019. The man is an Israeli and received his relatives on January 12 of that year – on January 26, the police found the bodies of the women buried in Nicholas’ backyard.

Nicholas graduated in electronic engineering and earned the status of a former Israeli soldier, and went to Argentina to try and set up a restaurant in 2009.

As soon as he entered the court, Nicolas was placed on a bench before the judge. When the judge began to speak, the man began to “meow,” and though she asked for silence, the Israelite did not stop. The result was the withdrawal of the court.

According to information received from the Argentine radio positive, Nikola “meow” 55 times until he was carried away.