July 22, 2024

Find out which food is good for the eyes

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Find out which food is good for the eyes
Find out which food is good for the eyes

Do you know any Food is good for the eyes? Eye health should be a regular concern in a person’s life. After all, seeing what’s around us is a unique gift in everyone’s life.

A new study from the Westmead Institute of Medical Research says that eating oranges regularly has a positive effect on eye health. This is in addition to helping to supply the body with vitamin C Food is good for the eyes.

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According to the results, from an analysis of two thousand Australians over a period of 15 years, those who regularly eat fruits are 60% less likely to develop macular degeneration, a degenerative disease in the central region of the retina. It leads to a marked and irreversible decrease in central vision.

What is good food for the eyes? orange!

“Essentially, we found that people who eat at least one orange per day have a lower risk of developing macular degeneration compared to those who never eat oranges,” explains Pamini Gopinath, lead author of the research and associate professor at the university. Sydney, Women’s Health.

“The benefits are significant, even for those who only eat one orange per week,” he adds.

According to experts, the flavonoids present in the fruit are the strong ally of vision. “Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants and have important anti-inflammatory benefits for the immune system,” Gopinath explains.

Other foods that help

  • Linum seed;
  • avocado;
  • chestnut;
  • Asai.
  • CupuaƧu.
  • the strawberry;
  • carrot;
  • yolk.

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