January 28, 2023

Find out why the NASA telescope entered “Safe Mode”

The famous space telescope James WebbWhich promises to revolutionize some areas of modern science, was affected by a bug that made it enter safe mode, so that no more damage was done.

The safe mode began on December 7, 2022, and as a result, all scheduled surveys related to the telescope had to be rescheduled.

What has been done andspecially?

The agency that operates the telescope said the commands guiding James Webb in the desired direction were affected by a glitch in the control software.

So that we can better understand, malfunctions, in systems, are basically errors or even small errors, although important, because they can harm some of the functions of the system or, in this case, the controls of the telescope.

Two points to highlight

We know that despite this error, the agency stated that no other tools were infected or unable to function.

James Webb has now exited Safe Mode. In this way their work is resumed and what was lost is rescheduled.

James Webb

The telescope was launched into space on December 27, 2021. It brought together the efforts of many scientists and researchers. The cost of James Webb was $ 10 million.

The telescope’s primary service is photography, and many beautiful pictures of space, stars, and the like have been taken and sent to us here at Land.

But of course this is not its only function. Capturing light sources that the previous Hubble telescope could not capture is one of the specialties of the most expensive telescope ever built.

The fact is that with every “click” that the telescope sends to Earth, we are more and more amazed at the sophistication of this equipment and the intelligence of man.

The first achievements of the telescope

James Webb is responsible for bringing many news and records to Earth. One such achievement happened in July 2022, when the telescope took an image showing many stars. There was so much that this was exactly the record: the most detailed picture of the universe ever recorded.