February 28, 2024
Fluminense vs Botafogo: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Judging |  Brazilian series

Fluminense vs Botafogo: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Judging | Brazilian series

Fluminense And the Botafogo Face each other this Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), in the Maracana, for the 33rd round of Brazil. Even on different pages of the table, both contenders think about vacancies in Libertadores. GE tracks all bids in real time, with exclusive videos – Click here to continue.

Focused on winning the direct place for the Libertadores group stage and fending off the shock of 2022, Fluminense goes into the field needing a win to continue fighting at the top of the table. Coach Fernando Diniz’s team is fourth in Brazil with 54 points. With a positive record in the classics played in the season, the team can reach Best record against Rio teams since 1929 If you get the three points.

Botafogo is 11th in the table, but just two points off 8th place, which is occupied by America-MG. Position is important because Brazil already has a G-7 which, most likely, will become a G-8 by the end of the tournament. With the fight in the middle of the table, Alvenegro needs to win.

PVC analyzes Fluminense vs Botafogo, for Round 33 of Brazil

PVC analyzes Fluminense vs Botafogo, for Round 33 of Brazil

flow: Globo, Narrated by Luis Roberto and Comments Jr. and Roger Flores. PC Oliveira commands in Central do Apito.

Real time: GE keeps track of all the game’s movements – Click here to access

The trend is for the team to be practically the same team that beat Avai 3-0 in Resacada in the last round. The only news should be the return of Nino, who has recovered from a muscle problem in his right thigh, to form a defensive duo with Manuel. The defender has been training normally all week and is available. The coach must keep both Caligari, improvised on the left side, and Iago, in the center of the field. Nathan, who was suspended in the last round, is back at the coach’s disposal.

Possible lineup: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel, Calegari; Andre, Martinelli, Iago and Gansu; Arias and Kano.

Who is out: Matthews Ferraz (right knee) and Luanne Freitas (right knee).

spoon: Arias, Felipe Melo, David Brazz, Yago, Wellington, Willian Begood, Fabio and David Duarte.

Botafogo – Coach: Luis Castro

Botafogo suffers from problems in the midfield. Chih-Chi and Lucas Fernandez, both starters, will miss out due to suspension and injury, respectively. To complete, one of the immediate reserves also has physical problems: Danilo Barbosa. The trend is that Del Piage and Gabriel Pires are making the trio with Eduardo.

The good news is in defense. Defender Cuesta is back after missing Internacional. Rafael has recovered from a muscle injury, trained during the week and has at least a chance on the bench.

Possible lineup: Gattito Fernandez, Daniel Borges, Adrillson, Cuesta and Marsal; Patrick de Paula, Gabriel Perez, and Eduardo; Victor Sa (Givinho), Junior Santos and Cominho Soares.

Possible to face Botafogo against Fluminense – Photo: ge

Who is out: chi chi (suspended); Breno, Danilo Barbosa, Kayque, Lucas Fernandes, Saravia (Medical Division).

spoon: Cuesta, Daniel Burgess, Kano Biazon, Sampaio and Victor Sa.

  • Referee: Ramon Abate Abel (SC)
  • First Assistant: Eder Alexander (SC)
  • Assistant 2: Gisele Casarel (SC)
  • VIDEO: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA) (SP)
  • Fourth official: Grazianni Maciel Rocha (RJ)