June 13, 2024

Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Truck Reaches 100,000 US Bookings

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Crédito: Reprodução/ Twitter Jim Farley
Credit: Reproduction / Twitter Jim Barley

Ford Maverick Hybrid, Petrol-Electric Pickup (Credit: Reproduction / Twitter Jim Barley)

Launched three months ago in the North American market, the new Ford Maverick has already reached 100,000 bookings. The petrol and electric-powered hybrid pickup sells for $ 20,000 and the official launch only takes place in mid-September this year.

On his Twitter, Ford CEO Jim Barley celebrated the success of the new app. According to him, major reserves are in California (mainly Los Angeles and San Francisco), Texas and Florida.

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While stocks are not yet effective purchases, automakers are confident they will be translated into sales.

This car is manufactured in Mexico and comes to the United States imported to meet local needs – primarily for cars imported from the West Coast, although Mexico does not exactly represent this position, with trade agreements with California and Texas and its environs in the United States.

This compact pickup also reflects Ford’s efforts to reach more affordable consumers after Ford dropped sales of the sedan in the US. Pickup truck sales account for 63% of Ford’s U.S. sales.

Not in Brazil
Here, Ford plans to introduce the FX4 off-road, which is the American Maverick version. The car is powered by a 253 hp 2.0 EcoBoost engine, AWD traction and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Pickup is expected to make its debut in the Brazilian market in 2022, with an average price of $ 200 thousand.

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