June 13, 2024

Formula 1 rejects the possibility of a fourth American race in New York – Formula 1 News

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Formula 1 rejects the possibility of a fourth American race in New York - Formula 1 News

Liberty Media does not think about the four races in the United States (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter)

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The Formula 1 There is no interest in a fourth race in the United States at this time. Greg Maffey, chairman of Liberty Media, the group that controls the division since 2017, said at a financial event this Thursday (19) that New York Mayor Eric Adams offered a place to hold a race in the city. Rejected.

“Eric Adams management has contacted us and made a request [GP]. I think it is very difficult. Their proposal, Randall Island, is probably not our perfect location. I think street racing is really tough in a place like New York, ”Maffey said.

The Randall Island area is between Manhattan and Queens. The island has a large green space and many playgrounds. But the place did not attract the attention of the administration Formula 1From 2023 there seems to be an eye on big scenes like Strip, the main district of Las Vegas.

“Las Vegas is one of the few places in the United States where you can indulge in street racing because it has a different mentality. New York is a wonderful place, but it’s hard to imagine them closing Central Park for us!” Greg explained.

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The Las Vegas Strip will host the third F1 race in the United States starting next year (Photo: Breeding)

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An event in New York could create fights that Liberty Media is no longer interested in. When the event referee said he wanted to see a race in the city, he replied, “I suspect there may be some other teams, so this is a fight we don’t need.”

With the exception of Las Vegas, this category already has the United States GB in Austin since 2011 and introduced the GB. Miami This May. The race in Florida was in great demand from the fans, which proves the growth Formula 1 Among Americans. The Liberty Media boss said the final balance is positive, but there are things that need to be improved in the coming years.

“Overall I think it was a huge win, the demand was insane. Of course, we had logistics issues in the race held for the first time. [Por exemplo] The riders do not like everything on the track, which is not unusual, or the hospitality and safety service of the Podok Club. We will see. There are things that need to be improved, “he concluded.

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