June 13, 2024

Fossil: Allowing the virus to replicate creates ‘bad variations’ that ‘affect the vaccine’

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Dr. Anthony Fossie Warned that would allow Corona virus The delta spreads freely among the variance Not vaccinated Individuals can lead to a very powerful variation that can even be harmful Vaccinated Individuals.

The delta variant has produced a small variation already known “Delta Plus” variant It contains a spike protein mutation that can cause it to spread rapidly. So far, this variation has only appeared in a few cases in many countries, but the original delta variant quickly spread across the United States and became a dominant strain a few months later.

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So far, health officials have argued and studies show that individuals vaccinated by the current variants of COVID-19 are protected from serious illness, hospitalization and death. However, Fauci warned that unvaccinated individuals could allow the virus to spread and continue to change, creating a variant that could be harmful even to vaccinated individuals.

“There is a well-known theory in virology: a virus will not change if you do not allow it to replicate,” Fuci told NBC’s Chuck Todd.Meet the press. “” Fortunately for us, vaccines work best against delta, especially in protecting you from serious illness, but if you give us the opportunity to continue to transmit the virus, you lead to the vulnerability that we can get worse. , Then it will only affect those who have not been vaccinated, it will affect the vaccine because that variation can avoid vaccine protection. “

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Fassi urged Americans to be vaccinated as much as possible to protect themselves from the corona virus, and he expressed his support for a number of measures to ensure the country achieves appropriate coverage.

Full recognition of current vaccines may finally give much-needed confidence to Americans who are reluctant to get vaccinated.

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“I have said many times … you will not see a federal government from a federal government that makes vaccinations mandatory for the country,” Fouci said. “But I’m really sure, once the FDA fully recognizes the vaccine … I hope it will be within the next few weeks. I hope it will be by August.”

Fuci explained that accreditation may allow businesses, universities and other private companies to make vaccinations compulsory.

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“The time has come and we need to take extra action to vaccinate people,” he added.

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