June 24, 2024

Gabriel Pereira defended Sylvinho; The coach replaced the Corinthians midfielder in the first half

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Gabriel Pereira defended Sylvinho;  The coach replaced the Corinthians midfielder in the first half

Gabriel Pereira was the subject of coach Sylvinho’s press conference after Corinthians beat Atlético PR. The coach came to the defense of the young midfielder and did not like the question indicating the decline in the performance of the athlete after the renewal of the contract.

“He’s a young athlete, he’s high quality, he doesn’t associate situations like contract renewal, you don’t. Young athletes flip, I fickle and all the young athletes flip, that’s totally normal. He’s an athlete who has, I don’t know, ten, 12, 15 games with us. He’s a great player like the others I’ve talked about, Edson, de Queiroz, we talk well, but they’re young athletes. If it’s easy for an athlete to go in and prepare for a World Cup final. In his career, he’s a player who feels like everyone else. I’ve never seen that before, I’m sorry and that bothers me. I work with him every day, he knows his commitment, he’s a very important athlete for Corinthians. We’re happy with his performance, and glad we found that, as well as the others, I say again, Edson, Rooney and Queiroz protested”

After another game at the start, Gabriel Pereira played just 45 minutes on Sunday. The number 38 shirt left the team at the end of the first half to make way for Willian. Despite this, Sylvinho once again emphasized that the player’s irregularity is normal due to his advanced age. The midfielder is only 20 years old.

“He’s young, he flips, which is why he often ends up leaving the game. Some games don’t go out, not because of a technical condition or context, he leaves because of a tactical issue. We have other options, Willian, Gustavo, they are two different players. Willian is coping with Brazilian football, coming back from injury. He didn’t mention playing at first, today, and Gabriel is a great player who plays good matches. I repeat the defense, but he is a very young athlete. I see him losing the ball, running, all that Corinthians fans love. He is an athlete who gives himself and gives himself Like the rest. I don’t think it’s fair to tie contract situations or others to the performance of such a young athlete. To take care of them and that’s what we’re doing,” added the coach.

At the end of October, Gabriel Pereira signed a new contract with Timão. After much speculation, the player extended his bond until December 31, 2024, with a fine of 100 million euros (about 635 million Brazilian riyals).

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