June 24, 2024

Will Wagner Mancini be fired from Grêmio?

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Grêmio Mancini

Wagner Mancini after losing to… Bahia Gremio’s landing transmitted. However, the Grêmio Council ensures that the coach must remain and he will be the one to lead Syndicate In the match in front of Sao Paulo.

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Grêmio is in virtual relegation after Vagner Mancini lost six matches in his short stint at Grêmio. Defeating São Paulo could, mathematically, guarantee the club’s relegation.

However, for the board everything seems to be fine. That’s because UOL Esporte contacted Grêmio’s board, who reported that Vagner Mancini would continue in position, even after the loss to Bahia.

Vagner Mancini arrived in Grêmio in October and has already played 11 games as a captain for the King of Hearts. This adds up to 6 defeats, 4 wins and 1 draw. In other words, a very poor performance for the team that needed to leave the Z4.

Many had hoped that Mancini’s dismissal would give Grêmio a chance to survive, because perhaps by firing the coach the players would wake up for life and get 3 wins out of 3 games.

Will Wagner Mancini be fired from Grêmio?

Sometimes when asked about Wagner Mancini, Denis Abraham has already indicated that the coach has a contract with Grêmio until 2022, which means that the coach will run until the end of his contract.

However, everyone knows that this is not how the game works. Recently, Romildo Bolzan, when asked about Mancini’s resignation, replied that whoever wins is sure of continuity, which means that the results will determine the coach’s future.

What we believe is that Mancini will remain in charge of Grêmio until the club’s fate is determined. And then he gets fired, to start the 2022 project.

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Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA