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Triple Libertadores Champion, Deverson stops his foot to stay at Palmeiras – 11/28/2020

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Triple Libertadores Champion, Deverson stops his foot to stay at Palmeiras - 11/28/2020

hero Winning the third Libertadores Championship in Palmeiras He’s only in the club because he’s setting foot. Alveverde’s initial idea was to negotiate with Daverson. This was his manager’s suggestion. But Daverson did not want to leave.

he told UOL Sports Anderson Broome, brother of the Palmeiras striker. “He had a market in Portugal, but he wanted to stay, he wanted to stay in Brazil and play with Palmeiras,” he revealed.

At Palmeiras, Deverson wasn’t necessarily the first choice either. The coaching staff, for example, had a better assessment of striker Miguel Borja, who is now on loan at Grêmio. Not that there is a dilemma – “one or the other”. But if there was a choice, Abel’s choice would be Colombian.

But Borja was a card out of the ordinary. According to the report of the UOL Sports In July, the Colombian was seen as more of a problem than a solution, given his high salary. There was no excuse to educate the council to change its mind.

Deverson scores Palmeiras' title goal - Eitan Abramovich / AFP - Eitan Abramovich / AFP

Deverson plays upon the departure of Diego Alves to score Palmeiras’ goal in extra time against Flamengo in the Libertadores final.

Photo: Eitan Abramovich/AFP

Diverson enlightened

Deverson had noticed in Almairas’ last victory over Flamengo, in the distant year of 2017, with a 2-1 lead, by Brasileirao. The winning goal against Fla in Montevideo was his first in the Libertadores this year, his fifth this year, and his 30th in the club’s shirt. And definitely the most important part of his career.

“Very happy with this goal, [quero agradecer] First, God is for all that He has provided. A lot of people didn’t believe that Deverson could come in and score. I don’t want quantity, I want quality. It’s his second title target, in 2018 and now. Many were crucified when I arrived and asked who this man was. But many thought too.”

Deverson, the 25-year-old from Rio de Janeiro, was hired in July 2017, from Alaves (ESP). After two seasons, he entered the negotiable list and ended up on loan to Spanish football. He defended Getafe and the same Alaves again. He returned to Palmeiras last May and was returned to the cast after long deliberations by the board and the coaching staff.

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