June 14, 2024

Gill claims to have spent all his money on a Class 1 ticket to the United States

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Gill claims to have spent all his money on a Class 1 ticket to the United States

Before enjoying his last weeks in Brazil, before leaving for the United States, Gilberto Noguira, Fourth place in “PPP21” (TV Globo), realizing his dream of studying for a PhD in California does not hide his excitement, he announced that he was traveling in first class.

Through the stories on Instagram, the 30-year-old economist opened a box of questions and answers to talk to his fans. A follower then questioned how he would get to the United States.

“Are you going to first class in California?” Asked the interested internet user. Gill du Vigor confirmed and said he spent ‘all his money’ on going to the United States.

First class because it’s like that, isn’t it? You only come to the United States once. Then I spent my money. There, I love it! Gilberto

Ex-PPP He also revealed that he had already made friends in Davis, California, where he had already assisted with his studies. “I’ve already made friends. I’ve already asked for help. They’re going to help me,” he joked.

Another fan wanted to know if Gilberto was scared, he could not continue classes. He denied it and admitted that it was his real fear when he had to act as a teacher.

No, it doesn’t bother me. I think this is the question that needs to be the AT of teaching and learning. Then, I worry a little bit about this.

Moving to the United States

No Twitter, The economist recently announced that he will be leaving for the United States at the end of August to fulfill his dream of pursuing a PhD at Davis University in California..

The biggest dream of my life, PHD is a month away! I repeat my ‘vicorentos’, let others say what they want, but can we enjoy it? What is important to you, smile, review and doxing! I am like that, you have to be with me. If you are with me, that’s fine! It takes 1 month to go.

The economist won the University of California vacancy When limited to “BBB”. He was also accepted at the University of Texas.

Even in the United States, Gill will continue with the painting “Tá Lascado” during “Mice Walk”, Remote format.

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