February 28, 2024
Giotto evaluates tie as positive and praises Mancini's pass in America - MG - 10/17/2021

Giotto evaluates tie as positive and praises Mancini’s pass in America – MG – 10/17/2021

Bahia coach Guto Ferreira described it as positive 0-0 draw against America – MG tonight (16), in the Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte. For the coach, being associated with a team that has only lost to Internacional in the last 10 matches shows that the team is on the right track.

During the match, which also marked Bahia’s third game without conceding, the Steel Squadron maintained an organized defensive line, preventing the opponent from opening the scoreboard on numerous occasions. However, the team lost passes to Rossi, who has been injured since September 4 and cannot create offensive plays.

“This is the way we must go, we will not take it and we will achieve our goal in many matches and we will achieve victories that will take us where we want,” Goto said at the conclusion of the match during a press conference. .

‘Mancini took his turn when he arrived’

For Giotto, Coelho could have been in a better position at the Brazil table, and there was no shame in a draw with the team, which, according to him, started poorly in the competition and suffered a stalemate with the arrival of Wagner Mancini, who left the team to go to Syndicate.

“America-MG reached the semi-finals in the Copa Brasil last year and strengthened. It shows the quality of the opponent. In the last 10 games they have only lost to Inter. The moment in the table with 32 points is because they started poorly and Mancini took a turn when he arrived.”

As a result, Bahia is currently able to escape the relegation zone and now has 28 points in 15th place. In the next round, on Sunday (24th), 8:30 p.m., Bahia receives Chapecoense, at the Conti Nova Arena.