June 18, 2024

GM closes factories in the US, Mexico and Canada due to the chip crisis

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GM closes factories in the US, Mexico and Canada due to the chip crisis

A GM This Thursday (2) announced the temporary suspension of production of eight factories due to the crisis in North America. Semiconductor chips. Among the plants affected by the operation are Ford Wayne, Indiana (USA), and Sillaw in Mexico, both responsible for the production of the Chevrolet Silverado.

“During off-peak hours, we will repair and ship unfinished vehicles from some vulnerable plants, such as Ford Wayne and Slovakia (Mexico), to help understand customer demand,” the automaker’s spokesman said in an email. Website On the edge.


“The situation is complex and fluid, but we are committed to the ability to find constructive solutions to mitigate the impact [da crise] In our most demanding and capacity-controlled vehicles.

Chevrolet factory in Sao Cadano do Sul (SP);  Semiconductors affect car production.  Image: Revelation / GM
Chevrolet factory in Sao Cadano do Sul (SP); Semiconductors also affected car production in Brazil. (Image: Revelation / GM)

In the United States, production at factories in Wentzville, Missouri will still cease; Spring Hill, Tennessee; And Lansing, Michigan. The other three plants in Mexico and Canada will also be shut down.

The list of affected vehicles includes models made by Chevrolet (Silverado, Chain, Travers, Equinox and Express), GMC (Acadia, Sierra, Savannah and Landscape), Peugeot (Enclave) and Cadillac (XD5 and XD6).

The crisis will cost the automaker $ 2 billion

This is the second time in 2021 that GM has temporarily closed part of its plant in the United States. In February, the country’s largest automaker closed its plants in the state of Kansas for two weeks. In Brazil, production of Chevrolet Onyx also reached in June Be determined Due to the lack of semiconductors.

GM has not yet specified the exact amount of production loss due to the chip crisis. However, during the company’s recent revenue conference, CEO Mary Barra explained that the buying, manufacturing, engineering and sales teams are converting chips from small cars and SUVs to pickup trucks, large SUVs and electric vehicles. At the same event, it was concluded that the interruption would cost the company $ 1.5 billion to $ 2 billion (excluding taxes).

It is worth remembering that the chapter with GM is not an isolated case. Most of the world’s automakers, including Volkswagen and Ford, had to temporarily close part of their factories.

Even Tesla with a small production volume will do Delay Roadster release to 2023 due to chip shortage. “The global deficit situation is very serious,” Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, said during a recent revenue conference call.

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