February 25, 2024

Google copies Apple and Samsung and decides to launch its own tracker

A software developer named Kuba Wojciechowski found hints of a novelty The Google which may be released soon. According to her, the company plans to launch a Keep track of Similar to AirTag from Apple and SmartTag from Samsung. The data was obtained from Google’s internal code and named after Grogu (the famous baby Yoda).

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Google launches tracking software like Apple and Samsung

It is worth noting that the use of trackers is increasingly common in society. After all, you can eliminate a lot of headaches with this kind of technology. By means of tags, devices such as mobile phones and tablets can indicate Site for a specific product.

Imagine not worrying about knowing where you kept your keys or where your bag hasn’t arrived at the airport yet. These are just some of the examples that trackers can provide to users. This is what happens with an Apple tracker, for example.

In this way, if the news is confirmed, Google should take a new tracker via a tag in the smartphones that work through it android. According to Cuba, Grogu’s code should take advantage of what’s already been done with Fast Pair. This mechanism allows some tech accessories to find mobile phones for Bluetooth pairing.

Google’s new tracker may have speakers, too

It has a built-in speakerphone, similar to the AirTag. It should come in several different colors (although I don’t know any specific ones at this point). There appears to be support for UWB as well as Bluetooth Low Energy, developer Kuba said.

Therefore, it is possible that the product has a built-in speaker. It is worth noting that UWB is a type of connection similar to Bluetooth, which is widely used by Apple and Samsung. This is a technology that allows you to find devices with some ease and measures the distance between them, for example.