January 27, 2023
Goyana seeks help to find missing son in US |  Gois

Goyana seeks help to find missing son in US | Gois

Karen Christina Cabral, 43, seeks help to find her son Geraldo Furkim Vieira Neto, 21, who went missing 11 days ago in the United States. He said he worked as a barber in the city and had a disagreement with a colleague at the company and that he shared a residence with him. Since then, the family has had no further contact with the young man.

Geraldo Furkim disappeared on the night of September 9th. According to his mother, he was last seen in Manasseh Park, Virginia. Guyana said g1, This Monday afternoon (20), before the son went missing, his co-worker threw him out of the apartment and told him he was going to sleep at a friend’s house.

“He sent pictures with his bags in the hallway of the house and said he was going to sleep with this friend who works in a barber shop. He was not fired, but asked to leave work after the mess,” Mom said.

Oh g1 He asks the midwife if they can do anything to help find the young man and is waiting to return.

Gerald Furgim, who went missing in the United States 11 days ago, with his mother Karen Cabral – Photo: Personal Archive / Karen Cabral

The young man’s mother, who said he had been evicted from the house by a friend after a trip, came and saw the chaotic place.

“My son tore up the house and left. He still opened the house and went to a mall. For him, it was a trigger,” he said.

Born in Guerinopolis, Southwest of Koiz, but currently living in Belgium, the boy’s mother said he was interviewed for a job at another barber shop and was hired before disappearing.

“This friend he slept with took her for an interview, and he passed. However, he returned to the barber shop where he worked to get his supplies. Since then, he has not been seen again. He has never been on social networks or called on his cell phone,” she said.

The young man has been living in the United States since February this year, and his mother said he was born there and has dual citizenship. According to her, she decided to return to the country in search of a better life and a better job.

A Brazilian friend living in the United States said he was going to file a case with U.S. police because he could not do it remotely. Karen said she was trying to get an emergency visa to travel and search the country.

Goyana seeks help to find 21-year-old son Gerald Furkim Vieira NATO missing 11 days in the US-Photo: Personal Archive / Karen Cabral

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