December 7, 2022
Hadpala presses 'The Record' to 'eliminate' Brenda and Matthews TV News

Hadpala presses ‘The Record’ to ‘eliminate’ Brenda and Matthews TV News

Hudson Neri (Hadbala) is not at all satisfied with the production of power couple brazil 6. On Monday (20), the former BBB promised to make negative comments about the reality show on Record, in case Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio are not eliminated. “No one will hold my mouth,” he declared.

During a conversation with Eliza Fagundes, Bruno, and Michelle Passa, it appears that Hadupala is upset about the return of the “pet couple” from all of the D.Rs. from the programme.

“I’m going to get rid of everything. No software aligns with what they’re doing wrong. Do I have to do the wrong thing to survive? What’s going on?” [de eles ficarem]No one will hold my mouth,” Neri shot.

“I know the reality audience wants to see the negative, they want to see the fight, but even if it was… but you agree that the wrong guy has to win, and understand? If that’s the case, put some wrestlers here and there’s nothing of Like that, they’ll strike and leave, that’s what I hope. It’s not possible. This puts the program’s legitimacy under control,” the ex-brother added.

Later, outside the palace, Hadbala complained again about the same subject: “You will see my speech when I speak,” he threatened.

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