February 27, 2024

Hogwarts Legacy has been released for PS4 and XBox One

The long-awaited release ofHogwarts LegacyIt will arrive a little later for console owners. On the last thirteenth, WB Games confirmed that releases have been delayed Playstation 4 And the Xbox One On April 4, 2023. On July 25, 2023, the Nintendo Switch version will be released.

It’s important to remember that for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC owners, the game’s release date remains February 10, 2023.

On the page, there is an explanation that there will be differences in versions. Also, the console version Play Station Additional quest in the Hogsmeade shop.

Reason for postponement RPG According to WB, it’s the desire to provide the best possible experience across all platforms and not let users down. Although the reason was revealed, the distributor made available an official Question and Answer (FAQ) page.

About “Hogwarts Legacy”

The new title of the magical universe of Harry Potter It is an immersive role-playing game set in the wizarding world of the 19th century. “Putting players at the center of their own adventures”WB Games claims. This makes players really be part of the game and experience what’s going on.

In an effort to avoid any controversy, the developers made this clear JK Rowling She is not involved in the creation of the game, but is inspired by the ideas she created within the Wizarding World, as seen in the movies.


Finally, in addition to changes in the “Hogwarts Legacy” release date, they have released the system requirements for running “Returnal” on PC. On the official page of the game on steamthe menu displays that for the game Run without errors According to the recommended requirements, gamers will need 32GB of RAM.

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