March 4, 2024
How to share a note in your Instagram DM

How to share a note in your Instagram DM

Notes in DM Instagram It allows you to send a quick message to all your followers or close friends list on the social network. It is possible to write a text of up to 60 characters that expires in 24 hours as a story.

For users of previous generations, this feature might serve as a reminder of the status bar of MSN Messenger, where it would have been possible to post a random message, indirect or even the music the person was listening to at the moment. Other people’s Instagram comments can be replied to as a message in Live Chat. If you are no longer interested in reading what people have to say, you can also mute accounts.

How to create an Instagram DM Note

  1. Open the Instagram mobile app and access the Direct Messages menu. You can do this by tapping the speech bubble icon or swiping left;
  2. Then tap the “+” icon on your profile picture;
  3. Enter your message of up to 60 characters and choose if you want to send it to all the followers you follow or to your close friends list. Click “Share” to send.
  4. To edit or remove your note, click on your profile picture and select the desired action. Contents expire after 24 hours.

How to reply to a comment on Instagram

To see other people’s notes, open the list of conversations. Then tap on the profile picture and write your answer. The content is sent as a message by Direct.

How to mute profile notes on Instagram

The social network also allows you to mute notes from other accounts. In this case, get to the field with messages, tap on the person’s photo and hold your finger until a new menu appears. Then press “Silence”.

Instagram does not notify you when an account is muted or when you post a note in the app.