March 30, 2023
Huge white sculpture in New Jersey calls for 'hear the silence of water' |  pop art

Huge white sculpture in New Jersey calls for ‘hear the silence of water’ | pop art

An imposing statue of a woman’s head with an index finger pressed to her lips facing down Manhattan along the Hudson River in Nova YorkInviting the chaotic city to stop and listen.

“Water, when it moves, makes a very special and special sound,” said Jaume Plensa, Barcelona-based artist.

In an interview, he said, the 24-meter Spirit of Water’s message, his largest to date, is to “keep calm… to hear the deep noise of the water speak to us.”

Artist Jaime Belinsa poses next to the statue “Alma da Agua” in New Jersey (Photo: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

Snow White Cape contemplates a panoramic view of the river in front of a forest of skyscrapers on the edge of Newport, Jersey City’s fast-growing neighborhood.

Right across from Greenwich Village and about four miles from the Statue of Liberty, it’s a much more familiar ranger in the cove.

One morning when Belinsa saw the piece assembled for the first time, her call to silence vied with the shaking of diesel engines from the railway station near Hoboken, the roar of helicopters in the sky, and the screams and laughter of children in prams. Along the way. of the river paths.

But these aren’t the kinds of noises Belinsa says her artwork is meant to make.

I’m talking about the noise of information and messages for us”, He explained at Galerie Lelong Co in New York, where an exhibition of new works opens October 29.

A 24-meter-tall sculpture by artist Jaime Belinsa “points” to New York – Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz