February 26, 2024

“I will settle the fierce war in one day”. Trump defends his “peace by force” policy with Russia – Observer

“I would prevent World War III very easily” and “Resolve the war in Ukraine in one day”. These are the promises made by Donald Trump, the former president of the United States and a candidate for re-election, during his speech at the CPAC conference of North American conservatives this Saturday.

“Before I get to the Oval Office, I will resolve the terrible war between Russia and Ukraine,” Trump promised. “It won’t take me more than a day, because I know exactly what to say to them.

In a speech that lasted more than an hour and a half, Trump justified these promises based on his performance as president. “Peace through Strength” principle It worked with Russia. “I have the personality to keep us out of wars because people know they can’t mess with us,” he said, recalling that his mandate did not involve the United States in any new conflicts.

The main objective was to protect the US borders first and prevent Americans from losing soldiers to “wars of countries no one has heard of”.

The question of whether this isolationist stance could make Russia feel more empowered to invade Ukraine is, for the former president, a misguided one. “I’m the only president that Russia didn’t invade any country because I got along well with Vladimir Putin. I told you. Vladimir, don’t do that. We are friends, don’t invade any country’“, he said, adding that Russia invaded Georgia during George W. Bush’s presidency and Barack Obama annexed Crimea.

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They have nothing to do with me. And I don’t have to threaten them too much,” he said, characterizing the notion that he was “weak” with Russia as “misinformation.”

Had he remained in power in Ukraine, the war would not have happened.‘No more Trump, now is a good time to take over Ukraine,’ thought Putin.. That’s probably why it happened. “

This position, Trump says, is incompatible with the United States’ position to further remove itself from the multilateral system. To prove it, the former president underlined his position with European allies regarding NATO, recalling a meeting where he said he would not protect these countries from a Russian invasion because they were “guilty” and did not pay their dues. America. “We will send you a check tomorrow”, said the president of a European country. “If I don’t force them to pay, neither does NATO”, he summed up.