March 1, 2024

Identical: An artist transforms the character of Diana, from a ‘Cave Dragon’, into a real person of flesh and blood

Dragon Cave

Photo – Playback / Marvel Productions / D & D Entertainment / Toei Animation / Disney

One of the most famous characters in the animated series “Cave of the Dragon” is Diana. Created by Marvel Productions, TSR, and Toei Animation, the production is based on the RPG “Dungeons & Dragons” and shows the story of young people who are transported to a magical world filled with supernatural beings and creatures.

There, they are guided by a mysterious Dungeon Master to the portal back home. The cartoon became very popular in Brazil during the 1990s, with TV Globo showing it during the program “Balão Mágico”.

Diana is the group’s acrobat. Its weapon is a staff that can increase in size, allowing it to reach hard-to-reach places and also help the group during unexpected moments, such as falls, landslides, and more.

She is the character with the greatest motor skills of all the youngsters in the plot. Her greatest fear is old age and infirmity. The color of his magic, according to Dragon Graveyard, is green. Before being transported to the Wizarding World, Diana practiced gymnastics for two years, which explains her acrobatic skills while painting.

Professional Painter Graduated in Arts, Bruno Mora, she re-imagined what the character would look like if she were a flesh-and-blood person. The result was quite interesting and he managed to preserve all of the main physical characteristics of the character using his editing skills along with the AI.

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