April 13, 2024
Singer Simaria hits on Fabio Borchat

Singer Simaria hits on Fabio Borchat

Sertanejo Simaria singerwho partnered with singer Simone, punched presenter Fábio Porchat, live, during the premiere of the new season of the comedy show on GNT.And On Tuesday the 14th.

When called to tell a strange story about her life. Simaria mentioned a healer who caused her discomfort.

The man allegedly said that a “dead man” was with her. The singer then tried to explain to Borchat what the religious man had done to her. “There was a guard next to me, and the therapist started ‘pa, pa, pa,’” said the performer, pushing the presenter’s head down and suddenly pulling him by the armpits over her. “What is that?” Borchat said in surprise. Both were unbalanced.

“But is that really so?” the announcer asked, visibly embarrassed. Simaria said yes, and Porchat commented: “The wizard hit you. That’s a spanking.” In another moment of gravity, Simaria slammed into the stomach of the comedian, who let out a shriek.

In August 2022, Simon and Simaria announced the separation of their music careers. The duo’s split was temporary, but it turned out to be permanent. The two sisters starred in many public discussions and the differences between them became intractable.