June 14, 2024

“If you get vaccinated and are out, put your mask aside,” Fucci says

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Taiwan reported 16 new local Govt-19 cases on Wednesday, a daily increase since the outbreak began, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA).

Three of the cases are linked to an arcade in northeastern Yilan County, and 10 cases are linked to a case that was confirmed on Tuesday involving a Taiwanese man in his 60s, Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shi-sung said.

Recent events – a fall in the bucket compared to most of the world – have caused some warning in Taiwan, with many residents rushing to be vaccinated, CNA reports.

Taiwan was praised for its effective and early response to the virus, becoming one of the first places where no new cases were recorded and going from month to month without infections, which allowed island life to continue normally, albeit overseas.

Vaccination Urgency: Sen said 11,018 people were vaccinated on Tuesday. That number increased the total number of vaccinated residents to 112,543, currently at about 180,000 levels.

Taiwan has a population of over 23 million. Several weeks after taking the low-cost vaccine, Chen said he was now worried the stock might run out, CNA reported.

The elderly, medical staff and other emergency or high-risk workers, as well as diplomats, police, maintenance workers and some other professions are currently eligible for vaccination under the government program.

However, anyone who wants to go abroad and get vaccinated can do so by paying $ 600 new Taiwan ($ 21) at some clinics – three times more than the cost of footage provided by the government.

Wednesday could prove to be another record vaccination day, with CNA reporting that paid seats for hospitals in metropolitan areas were already full by noon, and by the end of a few months.

Pilot Isolation: On Monday, Chen said Taiwan would isolate all pilots working for Taiwan Airlines China Airlines for 14 days. Govt-19 recently erupted between flight attendants and hotel staff.

A total of 1,231 Kovid-19 cases and 12 related deaths have been reported in Taiwan, according to the Taiwan Disease Control Centers.

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